Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Happy Easter. . . . . . . . . . . .

Good morning.......well, nearly afternoon now I suppose, as I had scheduled this for this morning but hadn't noticed it was actually 29th April I had scheduled for doh! Should have gone to Specsavers. Was out earlier so this is the fist opportunity I've had to put it right.

Now, I was going to use this for the MAWTT in the garden challenge as my DT card but I couldn't download it from my camera at the time as the software was playing up.
Have managed to do it now but there's still some pics it won't..........perhaps my camera is turning into a card critic and refusing to download anything it thinks isn't up to scratch lol!!!

White card
Yellow card
Orange card
HC Sunkissed Fleur die 
Crafters Comp Lazy Daisy embossing folder (only embossed half of the top layer)
Inkylicious sentiment stamp
Mustard Seed DI
Bamboo Leaves Memento Dewdrop ink

I made this card for Nesta as she likes her daffodils and Spring is her favourite season. I know the embossed flowers are called daisy but I did think they looked a little daffodil-esque (if you squint and look through a sheet of vellum lol!!!)

Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. I've certainly enjoyed my few days off.
If you haven't visited Kate's blog yet please pop over to see the gorgeous card and cowl that she sent to me (sadly, one of the things I can't download off my camera).

Have a great week and see you soon.

Ang x

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

One of Those Cards. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning dear blogging chums. Hope everyone is well.

Apologies for being AWOL for a few days but extra days at work and Mr D having a hospital appointment for a consultation about some involved dental surgery has zapped my time.
Hasn't helped with the dreaded "software conflict" still playing up between laptop and camera.

Now, sadly a few weeks ago, I had to make one of those cards. My friend Julie's Mum passed away, in a bit of a blur as the poor lady was fine on minute, then suddenly got rushed into hospital, diagnosed with cancer and passed away within a week. All a bit of a shock for poor Julie and family.

Cream card 
Pale pink pearlised card
CE Tapestry embossing folder
TST Elegance border mask
Presscut Square dies
John Lockwood Rosebud Elements stamp
John Lockwood sentiment stamp
Victorian Velvet DI
Dusky pink mica powder

I like to keep these cards relatively unfussy (if that's a word lol!). I cut the aperture inside and around the roses with a craft knife, a wing and a prayer.

Right, off to get a slice of cake before Mr D eats it all (I haven't had any tea so that's my excuse) as I'm scheduling this.

Will hopefully get this camera business sorted in my time off at Easter so I can show you my tiny pile of purchases from the was lovely catching up with Christine but I was done by 3pm as it was not very busy.

Meantime, hope the rest of the week is kind to you all.

Ang x

Thursday, 17 March 2016

MAWTT March 2016 Challenge. . . . . . . .

Good morning all. Hoping all is fine and dandy with you good folk.

Hello and welcome to Aquarius. Thank you for pressing the button and as soon as I get 5 minutes, I shall pop and visit your blog.

A quicky today as I'm typing this at silly o'clock again to schedule for my DT offering for MAWTT and I needed to be in bed early to get some rest before the onslaught of the NEC today.

My original card would not download from my camera as the software is playing up again so I've managed to find a couple of cards lurking in my early days files that would fit with this months theme which is Zoe's pick and is In the Garden.

These were from my pre-die cutting days when I thought decoupage was the ultimate thing to do on a card lol!!!

Well, I think I have moved along with the times with my cards since I made these............

Hope that you don't mind the oldies as I didn't want to let the team down by not showing anything.

Please pop along to the MAWTT Challenge blog to see what the rest of the team have created and hope we've inspired you to enter.

If any of you guys are at the NEC today, I shall be wearing a bright red cardi and top with my lions main let loose. Christine and I are meeting up so it will be great to catch up and hope to possibly bump into the 2 Ann/Annes.
Anyone going to John's workshop in Kettering, sorry I'll miss you this time but give him a few heckles for me lol!

Until next time, be good!

Ang x

Sunday, 13 March 2016

A Spot of Jewellery. . . . . . . . . .

Good morning folks. Hope life is treating you well. A busy few days at this end with work, a couple of appointments, popped to visit Mr Lockwood on Friday then to see John again, this time demoing at my local craft store yesterday.

More to come in the busy stakes this week too. Manager off so I'm in extra days, another appointment and Mr D has a hospital appointment and I'm at the NEC on Thursday......phew!

Welcome to another new follower. Blogger is keeping you under cover but thank you for pressing the button, whoever you are.

Now today I'm back to some jewellery. This set was a thank you gift for a kind lady, who had done me a few favours and as I know it is now in her possession, its safe to show here. Tracey likes bright and bold colours so I went with a big splash of colour ready for Summer (I'm an optimist so I'm sure that we'll get one lol!!!)

Apologies for the use of the lampshade again lol!!!

I love fuchsias (as you may have gathered from the other necklace I made here) so I featured one as the focal point.

Matching earrings but with a simpler flower so that they didn't detract from the necklace.

Hope you don't mind the jewellery detour.

At work today but hope that you all have a peaceful Sunday and great week ahead.
May bump into some of you at the NEC.......those who have met me will just need to look for the hair lol!!!

Ang x

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

A-Tissue!!!............Bless You!

Good morning guys and gals. Hope everyone is warm and well.
We had snow the other evening, which did settle but had gone by midway through the following morning. Hopefully, that's our moment of Winter over.
Welcome to Teejay. Thank you so much for joining our merry band.

A quicky today as its 11.30pm as I'm typing this, ready to schedule for the morning. A couple of non working days so watching John, catching up with some friends, bidding Nesta bon voyage and a grocery shop in store for me.
Hazel, if only I could slip into Nesta's case but that would take the term "excess baggage" to a whole new degree lol!!! We'll weep and wave but once that first Pina Colada is down her neck, it'll be "Ang who???" 

Now, talking of Nesta, finally, I remember to show you the tissue box cover I made for her a few weeks ago when she was germ ridden. I had a box of B&M tissues (so that maybe the only brand she can refill with now) and this slots over the top.

Cream card
Lilac card
Sue Wilson Orange Blossom Leaves
SB Butterfly Circles
Tonic flower punch
Various green Distress Inks

Not too fancy but it matches her bedding as she has a set featuring lilac hydrangeas so I've tried to make it look hydrangea-ish.
I'm hoping to pick up a set of the orange blossom leaves stamps to match the dies this week. After seeing John demo them last week, I decided they are a "need" not a "want"

Well, that's me yawning and the hot chocolate is cooling so I will bid you adieu for now.

I will be visiting and catching up with your blogs in the next couple of days as some of you have been busy bods again.

Meantime, be good!

Ang x my half asleepness (yes, that is a real word in my world) I clicked the wrong date for scheduling so let's try again........doh!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Christmas Part 393.................

Good morning lovely folk. Hope you are warm and well.

The weather here has been very indecisive this past week.........we've had all sorts. Lucky Nesta is off to Goa next week (without me, yet calls herself a friend!) I'm guessing it will be a lot warmer there. We're off for lunch today as its probably last chance to meet up before she jets off.

Now, today shows the last of the 3 gift wallets I made for a friend (aren't you glad I hadn't made 20 lol!) and this was made to hold money that was going to her sister and brother in law for Christmas, through the post (risky thing to do imho) so had to be flat.
If it wasn't going through the post, I would have added some pearlage to the flake areas on the word die.

White card
Platinum card
Offcuts of silver & holographic card
Double sided sticky sheet
Docrafts Snowflake embossing folder
Sue Wilson Let it Snow die
Marianne Snowflake dies
Silver glitter

Another Ducky bonus card today with another card I made using my 3ft high Hunkydory stash. I just try and zhuzh em up a bit.

Well, thhhhhhat's all folks. Enjoy your Friday and weekend.

Ang x

Ps...Jan and Anne Im at the NEC on 17th so won't see you at CE Towers this time, sadly.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Christmas Part 392...................

Good morning everyone. How's it hanging? I would say that I hope that you were all well hung but I'm guessing that may sound rude (Elaine and Maureen, that is definitely not a subliminal message about Flash)
Crikey...........its March!!!!! Who stole January and February? It doesn't seem 5 minutes since I was getting intimate with a turkey.

A couple of non working days now to catch up on shopping and housework but a more steady pace than last week.

Now today, we're back to Christmas. This is the second of the three ticket/money wallets I made for my friend. This one was to hold panto tickets for her two nieces.........oh no it wasn't........sorry couldn't resist that one (although my chums from foreign climes are probably wondering "what is she on about lol!!!) I'm glad you liked the poinsettia one.

I thought the kids may appreciate a pop up style ticket holder. The pocket for the tickets is behind can just see the notch I cut out to make it easier to get the tickets out.

And of course the beauty of these things is that they fold flat!!!

The components were all from a Hunkydory Christmas kit I chopped up, even the card is Adorable Scoreable from the kit. I'm on a mission to use up these kits as I bought two large ones from C & C as my first foray into card crafting proper, about a month before I saw Sue Wilson do a die cutting show, then they got shoved into a darkened corner.

Just a bit of fun for the ankle biters.............talking of which, I had a "darling" 4 year old on Sunday, in the shop, who just decided to stand there and wet himself.........deep joy!!!
Mum comes up to the counter to tell me and turns to walk away but I say, "just a minute" disappear through the back and reappear with paper towels and antibax spray, which I thrust at her.
I'm guessing by the look on her face, that she was expecting me to be doing the honours but soon realised that I wasn't, so she handed them over to her other half and frog marched her little cherub through the door giving him what for. Sadly, its about the third time its happened in the past 12 months.

On a lighter note, here's a bonus card today in the form of the gold version of the card I showed you all previously here.

Isn't that a fab reflection at the bottom from the gold mirror card? The Christmas tree die cut is cut from a double sided adhesive sheet (a tricksy thing to do) and the front of that is covered in gold gilding flakes.
Would be great for batch making if you just gilded a die cut rather than cutting it out of a sticky sheet.

Well, that's me for today guys and gals.

Hope you have a smashing week ahead.

Ang x