Thursday, 27 April 2017

MAWTT Challenge 44 . . . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope this finds you fit and well.

Now its time for another Challenge over at MAWTT and Janice has chosen the theme of . . . . . . .

so get yourselves over there and have a go at the challenge.

Well, you can imagine this theme did not fill me with delight as I don't "do" cute, grunge, steampunk or fairies lol!!!
I had to turn to my good buddy Kate (cuilliesocks) with a loud shriek of "Hellllllllllp!!!" and good lass that she is, she swiftly dispatched all manner of fairy goodies. . . . .Thank you Kate!!!

Now, I selected this background (I think it was Imagination Crafts - Kate did kindly label the bags but stupidly, I emptied everything out onto my desk) and a separate stamped fairy, which I fussy cut around.

Cream and purple card
Items from Kate's fairy stash
Sue Wilson Timeless Striplet
John Lockwood sentiment
Black Archival ink
Picket Fence, Milled Lavender & Broken China distress inks

Obviously, Miss Fairy's wings were white so when I stuck her to the background, I coloured her wings to match the moon and bokeh background. As Eric Morecambe used to say, "you can't see the join" lol!!!

Apologies if its not the most inspiring of creations but if you pop over to MAWTT, you will see the much better offerings from my lovely team mates.

Had a lovely day out yesterday with Nesta. We went to Staunton Harold garden centre, had a mooch round (not outside for long as it was nearly as cold as a penguins' chuff) and a nice bite to eat for brunch. We then popped over to Breedon to see John and his Breedon Gals, which was lovely. I know 3 of the ladies from when I've helped out at CE Towers and they have kindly been following my progress with John so it was great to be able to get over and see them. One of the ladies made me a beautiful quilt a few months ago, to keep me warm on my down days and I have her permission to show it on the blog so I shall when I have finished showing John's samples. 
They are truly a lovely bunch of gals and I know that John enjoys his workshops there. It was the furthest I'd driven since all this happened last May so its boosted the confidence.

Yorkie Wendy, I have to leave written instructions for anything domestically technical after he actually rang me at work once asking how to turn on the vacuum cleaner (I kid you not!!!)
Maureen, you're lucky George bothered to iron the pillowcases, bless him.

Another GP this weekend so guess what I'm doing lol!!! Hope you have a great few days and see you again soon with more of John's show samples.

Ang x

P.s for Donna and any other US chums, Quorn is a micro protein so its similar to soya and I use the mince form to make my vegetarian cottage pie (hence Quorntage Pie). Littlelamb, I'm not vegetarian but prefer using it in lots of dishes rather than beef mince and Jenny L, what a coincidence you had the same for tea lol!!!


  1. Super card Ang, very serene. That is why I could not get hold of John yesterday, glad you had a nice day and thanks from MAWTT, xx

  2. Beautiful card Ang love the colours.
    So pleased you managed to get out and about,looking forward to seeing the quilt.
    Take care
    Elaine H X

  3. Lovely card Ang. Love the framed sentiment. Zx

  4. Hi Ang, what a super card and I love the sentiment - I wonder if John was thinking of you when he penned it??? I've got quite into sewing again so I'll look forward to seeing the quilt in due course. I'm going to a quilt show/fabric sale on Saturday so will be recording qualifying. Going to be interesting I hope. Take care now, love from Jackie xx

  5. Hello Ang,
    You may not "do" fairies but this is lovely. Very atmospheric.
    Glad you are getting out and about, this will be a huge boost to you and you'll feel that you are getting your life back.
    I not only have to write explicit instructions for the washing machine, dishwasher, etc. but have to tell him where the liquid, tablets and such are kept. We've only lived in this house 37 years!!!
    It was the funeral of George's identical twin yesterday, so things are rather quiet in the Killen household at the moment.
    Love Maureen xxxx

  6. Morning Ang,
    Lovely card. Pleased to hear you are getting about.

  7. Morning Ang, a lovely card, but like you I am not really into Fairies, so I think you have done a fantastic job.
    Glad that you are now getting out and about as it will help you to feel better, but don't over-do. Enjoy your GP.

  8. Lovely card Ang but like you I am not into fairies either. Glad you where able to get out yesterday and had a good day. Sure John enjoyed seeing you.

  9. Absolutely beautiful Ang, so very ethereal, you might not do fairies, but you've made a marvellous job of this,fabulous colours and that fairy is gorgeous, glad I could help, Kate x

  10. So pleased you had a great day out. Does the soul good. Your fairy card is awesome. Your fairy's wings are amazing and you were successful in making them look transparent. Thank you for the technique. I would not have thought to paint them after gluing them down to the background. Brilliant of you.

  11. Hi Ang,
    oh this card is so gorgeous and I love the wonderful bookah background.
    It looks really lovely and very stunning.
    Kate is such a wonderful person and friend to help you out like that.
    She has been doing a rain dance for me as we have hardly had any rain in my part of Kent for ages.
    It did rain last night a little so her dance is working.
    I too love the Quorn items although I am not a Veggie, but there are certain things I won't eat, and that's mince, burgers, sausage, chicken, and I'm not a lover of Lamb either.
    I do eat meat, but it's wasted on me as I really don't love it or do it justice with my very small portions.
    Lots of big crafty hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  12. Hi Ang

    I love this card! In fact I thought you'd been spying on me and taken that photo... I wish LOL. I'm not wishing you'd spy on me nor that I want to be a fairy... it's the thinness of the gal and I'm stopping right there before the hole gets bigger!

    Pleased to hear you've had a jaunt out and about and hope it continues for you and that it's a good report with your medical appointment

    Take care Ang

    June x

  13. Hi Ang! For someone who doesn't do fairies you did a beautiful job. Thanks for the info on Quorn. Have a great day!

  14. Hi Ang, firstly thank you for my happy mail, love the items and cannot wait to use them. If this is what you produce when you don't like doing fairies, then you should do it more often. It is lovely. Glad to hear you had some great times out. Take care. Bx

  15. She's a lovely fairy so perhaps you should do some more. Really nice to read this message from you as you sound much more buoyant and enjoying life. More power to you!
    Marion xx

  16. That's just lovely Ag. Glad you had a great day out.

  17. Beautiful card, great sentiment too. xx

  18. I love your moonlite scene. The colour is perfect. Hugs Mrs A.

  19. This turned out beautifully, you'd never know this wasn't your usual style. Cara x

  20. Well for somebody who doesn't do fairy cards you made a fantastic job of this one! And you are one to talk about challenges taking you out of your comfort zone - you have yet to set one that didn't make me go gulp!!! Love it Ang and I think you need to do another!!! Jx

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  22. Sorry I didn't say anything nasty it double posted!!!

  23. My word this is beautiful - I need to try something like this in an art journal. So dreamy!!
    Sandy xx

  24. One more thing kid, for someone who does not do this sort of thing, you knocked it out of the ball park!!
    Sandy xx

  25. You have created a lovely scene Mrs D. I think you and I were definitely on the same wave length with this challenge. Hope things are okay with you! Christine xx

  26. Good to hear that you are getting out and about, Ang. I don't "do" fairies either but just occasionally you have to give in! A lovely card.

    Anne (Northampton)

  27. Hi Ang, sorry I haven't been around for a while, been a busy girl !! I've looked back at all your creations and love them all!! Great combination of colours and designs. Glad to hear you've been out to socialise with friends, and also to catch up with John. Hope that means you're feeling better. Take care. Janice xx

  28. Good morning Ang,
    Well, this might not be your style of card but you have made a fantastic job. It's good to get out of our comfort zone to see just what we can achieve. Great job, well done young lady.
    Glad to read to have managed to get out and about, just don't overdo things. Do you still have the car I had a problem getting out of?? ha!ha!ha! I can almost hear "you" laughing.
    Have a great weekend.
    Patricia xxx

  29. Fantastic fairy card Ang, you did wellxxx

  30. Finally a couple of minutes to drop in and say hello, and wow, what a post to land on Ang. This is just incredible!! I hear about cute, fairies aren't my thing either, but this sure is gorgeous! I am blown away by your background scene, it is incredible! The moon looks so real and your bokeh is awesome! Genius to colour her wings so they actually look transparent! Well, your mixed media skills aren't lacking at all now, are they! Such a talented lady my friend!

    Sounds like you had a wonderful outing and going to a garden seems just the thing for soul and spirit. sending hugs :)