Sunday, 14 May 2017

Language of Flowers 10. . . . . . .

Good morning everyone. Hope you are well?

After a bit of gadding, I've not had a briliant couple of days but you have to take the rough with the smooth. Mr dentist managed to repair the tooth thankfully with minimal fuss. I'm in Denplan and it does come in handy sometimes, especially with more costly treatment.

I will do a pictorial of how I did the inverted triple stamping as a couple of you good folk have asked about it so that will be in a couple of posts time. This is the other card here that I featured on the blog sometime ago using this technique.

Now, I was going to show this creation last out of the samples I made for John as the other one was also a scratchboard creation but a lily card. However, the photo that I took showing what I did with the stamping of it, was of the peony so I thought to made sense to show this first (Hope you were all following that lol!!!)

As soon as I saw this stamp, my first thought was "What would this look like in copper" and rather than go down the embossing powder route, I decided to be different (You know me).
I stamped the scraperboard with Picket Fence white Distress Ink to give me the outline to scratch around. Also, the ink rubs off when you buff it up at the end so all you see is the copper.

Black, cream and copper card
Royal & Langnickel Copper Scraperboard (6 5x7 sheets per pack from eBay)
John Lockwood Peony rubber stamp
Picket Fence Distress Ink
Cosmic Shimmer Clear Matt Finish Glaze
8 x 10 Black frame from The Range
Something to scrape with (I started with a pokey tool, then used a DIY nail) 

I gave it a coat of Cosmic Shimmer Clear Matt Finish Glaze for 2 reasons;
1. to protect the surface from further unintentional scratches and 2. to protect the surface from finger prints as it is prone to them marking the board.
It was a beggar to photograph with the glass but it is my favourite of all the samples I made.
It was also John's favourite and its currently on the wall in Chateau Lockwood as he asked if he could keep it. It seemed to be popular on the shows as well.
I will probably do another one for myself as I love it too.

Maureen, I've not been able to touch the Vino Collapso for nearly 12 months since the A/Fib started. I've got bottles of fizz in the cupboard that friends had bought for my birthday last year (I would say it was a "special" birthday but after the year I've had, they'll all be special from now on lol!!!) but that was when I took ill and before I touched a drop.
June, please don't be sensible, its not mandatory lol!!! Tell Mr F, thank you but the wisterias will be well taken care of.
Sue, is Doncaster ready for you and Sue Two lol???

You all know that John and I are good friends and after this weeks' news,  I know that some of you have been in touch as you have been concerned about him but I shall say that he is just fine, positive and keeping busy.

Spanish GP today, so I shall be keeping out of earshot of any sports news until I can watch the highlights tonight. Would love to go to that one sometime as Barcelona is one of my favourite places.

Anyhoo, have a good day and hope the week ahead is kind to you all.

Ang x


  1. Fab flower Ang but not sure how it was done!
    Wendy and I met John for lunch on Wednesday and he was a very happy chappy, very positive. Xx

  2. Morning Ang,
    This is gorgeous, love it.

  3. Morning Ang, wow what a fabulous card. Haven't heard of Scraperboard before, but will have to keep a lookout for it as I would love to do something like this. Enjoy the GP
    So glad to hear that John is happy, he deserves to be.

  4. Hello Ang, what an incredible card, love the simple image of the rose in copper. Glad to hear that John is ok. Give him a hug from all of us. Have a great day. Bx

  5. Hi Ang
    WOW! and WOW! again ,you have certainly won me over with this one, tis no wonder John has it on his wall.
    Enjoy the GP and take care lovely lady.
    Elaine H X

  6. Just beautiful. Enjoy the GP. Cara x

  7. I'm not surprised John wanted to keep this, Ang, as it's gorgeous. Really looking forward to seeing what he has planned for the future.

    Anne (Northampton)

  8. Hi Ang

    I am loving this card and the technique. It looks great showcased in the frame

    Putting the wisteria to one side (temporarily of course) Mr F recently decorated my 'new design studio' LOL. I've moved out of one bedroom that we changed into a craft room into the end bedroom and I celebrated the naming of the new room with a cuppa in one hand and with the other hand switching on the new lights, we females are so clever at multi-tasking. The point of all this you may well ask?.... I've got the walls painted a nice grey tone, white shelving, white Billy Bookcases, thank heavens for IKEA, and a few of my cards in white, IKEA of course, frames phew.... hope you didn't fall asleep reading this one :)

    I still have quite a lot of stock from when we had our sugar and craft shop hence the run on Billy Bookcases, but I love it

    Enjoy watching the GP and take care

    June x

  9. Gorgeous card just love this one.xx ♥[aNNie]

  10. Simply awesome card design. I am not familiar with scraperboard and scratching around the design. Looking forward to learning this technique.

  11. Oh my goodness. This is beautiful. Hugs Mrs A.

  12. Hi Ang, I love this card !! I haven't seen this technique before, so will be interested in the tutorial if you have one. I'm sure John will go onto bigger and better things in the future. He is developing his own style and has lots of loyal followers to help him succeed in anything that he does in the future. Please wish him well, next time that you see him. Janice xx

  13. Your "language of flowers" series has just left me in awe, Ang! Your design ideas are always brilliant and inspirational and many of them go in my folder!! Glad to hear you've been up to doing some gadding about and that the tooth was easily repaired!! Lots of hugs, Darnell

  14. Hello Ang,
    How beautiful is this today? No wonder John wanted it. I have a blank wall in my house.......
    I was sorry to read that John is no longer on the CE team and wish him the very best. I'm sure that he will do extremely well.
    Glad that your tooth was salvageable and that you are insured against such things, wise woman. I haven't drunk alcohol since I was about 20 (around the time of the Boar War!!!) Trouble is that I went maudlin and depressed when I had a drink, but people thought I was tipsy when I hadn't!!! George only married me because he said I was cheap, one glass of juice all night and I was happy ha ha.
    Take care, and I hope you keep well.
    By the way my garden is only about 30' square!!! Your wisteria is safe for the time being!
    love Maureen xxxx

  15. A great card Ang and I bet it looks stunning in 'real life'.
    Hope you had a good day xxx

  16. Hi Ang love your scrapper board still haven't found mine to give it a go!! Hope you took it easy yesterday and didn't get too excited watching the GP. At least it did turn into a race!! Love from Jackie xx

  17. This is a favourite of mine too Thank you for the eBay link as I couldn't remember where I'd bought my last stock many moons ago And when I looked in the shops I could only find scraper board with images already on them I am so gonna try this as I've only ever used scraper board with an embossing folder
    You take care missus and hope you enjoyed the GP

  18. Hello Ang, I am absolutely certain I already commented on their amazing card, obviously not now that I check.
    I just love how you have done it, it is amazing, the beautiful stamp just makes it.
    I am not in the least surprised John has it on his wall. If he gets fed up of it, I would kindly give it a good home!!!
    Look after yourself.
    Patricia x

  19. Lovely card Ang - not surprised John wants to keep it on his wall.

  20. Hi Ang,
    oh I should have commented on this post first siily me.
    As I can see you have framed it so beautifully.
    Love this and you are very clever thinking of creating these mater pieces.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.