Saturday, 7 June 2014

Happy Birthday David 2014 . . . . . . . .

Good morning Duckadees. Here's wishing you health, wealth and happiness. When I say wealth, I, of course, exclude the lottery as its my turn to win this week lol!
Now, I must apologise for getting some folks hopes up on my last post, by saying I was cutting the waffle. I did mean the waffle as to how I've put the cards together rather than the waffle about everything else.
Bless all of you who were ok with my wittering. You will be relieved to know that the inane jibberish about my life and the universe will continue, its just my long winded card explanations that will be trimmed.
I have had a few days annual leave (my first since I started work nearly 7 months ago) so have been catching up on a few jobs and cards. Was supposed to go for breakfast with Nesta yesterday morning but she couldn't make it (on a mercy mission with a friend of her's with car trouble).
The bottom lip was out for a couple of hours I must admit. Marmite on toast is not a worthy substitute for the bacon and eggs I had been dreaming about for days. There is a local cafe called Get Stuffed (and you do, in the nicest possible way) and they do fabulous breakfasts but I will have to wait until another day, boo hoo!
Soooo, I cut one of the hedges and repaired one of the steps from the decking to the garden and was generally harassed by Mr and Mrs B (not the Mrs B who comments on here, I hasten to add) for grapes as they have brood number 2 on the go. It was so bad, Mr B landed on the piece of wood I was sawing to repair the step, as I was sawing it! Yesterday, there were 10 birds on the bird table staring in at me. It was like the avian version of the Cravendale advert!!!

Anyhoo, moving along (bet you wish you hadn't been so nice about my waffle now hahaha!!!) I am showing a card I made for my pal David whose birthday was 1st June. He was going to be on a plane returning from a holiday to Japan and Mongolia (as you do) so I told him to put his card in his hand luggage and open it on the plane (this was after several assurances that the card did not contain liquids, explosives or obscene material and weighed less than 10kg).

Now, Daveys' a bit of a traveller. He's been to a huge number of counties and has canoed down (or maybe up) the Amazon (and been manhandled by the Junta. . . . . . . makes your eyes water at the thought) and since he's retired, he's generally only at home long enough to change his underpants. So this year, I decided to go with a travel theme on his card (last year was his other love, gardening see here) and when the Docrafts All Aboard 12x12 pad was on sale at work, I had to have it.

A5 cream base card
Map and embellishments from Docrafts All Aboard 12x12 pad
Black marker (faux layer beneath the map layer)
Vintage Photo DI.

There was a flag on the map already but I added two more to the vicinity of Tokyo and Ulaan Bator (or certainly nearer than a Ryanair flight would get you).

Very simple card, I know, but Davey loved it. I've asked for advance notice for next year so I can make sure I have the bit of the map of where he's going (I'm ok if its Greenland, Antarctica or Vladivostok!!!)

Thanks for your lovely comments on our wisteria. It was here when we moved in 14 years ago,and truth be told, one of the reasons I fell for the house. Lis, I do try and prune it as it as it should be done. Mr Cherokee, you did make me laugh. What sacrilege by Brother Cherokee lol!!!

In the interest of fairness, I thought I should show the pics of the white one at the opposite end of the garden. I planted this as a small plant and see how its grown. We did have to wait 7 years for it to flower but it has been glorious since, as you can see.This one doesn't actually get much of a prune.

Imagine the scent!

One of the locals likes it

Well, I have been trying to contain my excitement at John (Johnnextdoor) coming back to the UK. He won't be next door exactly but he will only be about 20 miles away. I feel so sad for Wendy and Val as John is a genuinely fabulous guy (as is Mr Next Door) and Wendy won't be able to raid his stash, or is it the other way round lol? And bang goes my excuse for a crafty holiday in the Sun with John and the girls.

Well, that's me. Bill and June's Diamond Anniversary party tonight and the Canadian GP this weekend. . . . . do we reckon Lewis will get revenge Jackie? Should be interesting!

Ang x


PS. . . . . .has anyone ordered from Once Upon a Stamp before? Would be grateful for any feedback before I take the plunge. Thanks. x


  1. Morning, Mrs Duck, I love reading your waffle, and your white wisteria is beautiful too. Perhaps I'll buy another one and try again. Great you will be able to see John more often, but I felt sorry for Wendy too. It's tough to leave friends behind when you make the decision to move, I've done it, but it wasn't easy.

  2. Hi Ang. Lovely card.
    Love Val in Spain x

  3. Lovely card Ang, Love the garden pics, great plants.
    Yes I am soooooo sad at losing John. I will have to call in on him and you when I visit my youngest in Kettering, I believe it is not too far away. xxx

  4. Hi Ang. I love the great card. The Docrafts All Aboard papers etc. are fantastic aren't they : ) You obviously have the magic touch with wisteria as your white one is beautiful too. Take care.

  5. Hi Ang, what a long time to go without leave, and I thought I was bad, Hope you have a good rest and enjoy the time off.
    Your card is fab just perfect for a traveller, love your design and embellishments.
    Your white wistria is so lovely, looks as if you have a beautiful garden, have a super weekend, hugs Kate x

  6. Hi Ang

    I loved your blog- certainly made me chuckle! The amazing card has certainly drawn some great comments from family and friends. No plans for next year's travels yet but still 3 more to look forward to this year. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you David
      Nice to have a comment from the horses mouth, so to speak. . . . . .not that you are remotely equine of course chuck! xxx

  7. Morning Ang,
    Please carry on with the waffle, you make me smile when I read your posts. I love your white wisteria never seen a white one before.
    I love your card, as you say simple but great for somebody that travels a lot.

  8. Good morning Ang, and thank you for a good chuckle this wet and miserable morning. A super card for your pal, I must confess to having done similar things when friends go off on their travels though I didn't recall this particular pad from Docrafts - I have a very old map book!! Your white wisteria is every bit as beautiful as the mauve and really hasn't taken long to produce such a show.
    As for this week's GP I suppose it will be Lewis after yesterday's practices but it would be nice for one of the others to mix it up a bit with them. Enjoy the party tonight, best wishes Jackie

  9. Oh Ang, you do make me laugh with your antics lol! You can waffle as much as you like to me gal!

    Fabulous card for a traveler, my he has been around hasn't he? Bet he was thrilled with this?

    So love your White wisteria, looks like you have a beautiful garden, quite enclosed too.

    have not ordered from Once Upon a Stamp before, in fact I have never heard of them before you mentioned their name lol! Shall have to take a look...!!!

    Take care,
    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  10. fab card ,nice to see a male one now and again ,Laura O

  11. Hi Ang, love the card so suitable for anyone who loves travel. Lucky you with the wisteria, we have a small one in our back garden that has flowered occasionally but not every year. Take care . Janice x

  12. Morning Mrs D - I for one enjoy your 'waffling' and luv the card you have created -very apt xx Once Upon A Stamp is only just down the road from me so I tend to travel there to buy things but I can say that I have never had any problems and I do see them packaging things up for posting and I get the impression that they respond to orders immediately so I would definitely give them a go xx enjoy your break from work and your evening out and the GP xx GailT xx

  13. Thanks for all your lovely waffle. Won't show The Doc your wisteria piccy as he has been waffling on forever bout having one in our garden !! There is a pub in Prague called 'The Dogs Bollocks'. Just thought i'd slip that nugget of info in!! Like your travel card BTW. Hugs Mrs a.

  14. Hi there,
    Your "waffling" makes very good reading at any time but especially when it is blooming bucketing rain when it is supposed to be sunshine ........ !!
    Love your brilliant card with all the little additions, papers and design.
    Your garden is so stunning, the Wisteria is amazing.
    Hugs through the rain

    Patricia xxx

  15. Keep up with the 'waffling' I love it Ang LOL card is fabulous and oh my the wisteria is stunning..I'm envious of your lovely garden..our's isn't very big but it's enough for me to cope with lol lots of huggles Sue xx

  16. Great card Ang!! Love your garden!!

  17. Good Morning, Mrs Duck, on this early glorious Sunday, which promises sunshine all day down here in Hampshire.
    Great personal attention to your friend, David's birthday. I love it.
    I love your 'waffle', too.
    As for your white Wisteria - simply glorious! It would be so easy to tell you that you must have green fingers, but I would say that a great deal of plant knowledge and devotion to hard work comes into the pictures, too. The reward is pure pleasure, also when you share it with us. Thank you.
    Lis x

  18. What a lovely Wisteria there is a mauve one in the cul-de-sac I live in and I always look on that with envy. Alas my gardening days are nothing more than 10 minutes weeding these days.
    Loved the card too.
    Margaret M

  19. Lurve wisterias Ang and I lurve your card as well. Such a great idea for your friend. Blossom says to tell you 'heyyyyyyyyy' and she is sick of her diet. All I can say is 'who isn't!!

    Hugs to you from one waffler to another

    Sue Pxxx

    PS checked my stuff and I haven't ordered from Once Upon a Stamp.

  20. PS what a great Grand Prix assuming both Perez and Massa don't suffer any after effects now, was a bit frightening at the time. Still, I did say it would be nice if some of the others mixed it up a bit!! I meant to add before about Once Upon a Stamp. I haven't ordered online from them but I have bought from them at shows and you get a little card they stamp and when you collect enough points you get magnetic mats and I'm on my way to 10% off, just need two more stamps. Don't know if this really helps but they seem nice folk. Won't be around the rest of this week as going down to mums and then on Monday I'm off on my cruise Highlands, islands and Ireland - Guernsey, Lerwick, Stornaway, Tobermory, Killybegs, Belfast and Dublin. Hopefully the weather is going to stay this good, been 31 here today. Bye for now, Jackie.